How to build an eCommerce with your partner in times of Covid…without breaking your head

My husband and I, two restless, active and enterprising minds, saw the world falling on us during the first 15 quarantine days, due to that mischievous and mysterious virus of which nobody knows much yet, but which it is clear that social distancing, but we now clearly know that social distancing, which we find unpleasant and contrary to the way human beings – these social animals – live, has put it on a firm footing and held it back.

And then eCommerce came into our lives!

Like a «butterfly effect», a series of stars conspired and joined a couple of circumstances, which led to the start of our project: an online shop of women’s clothing, and … why not? I based my imagination and my experience of the real women world, who often don’t know how to dress because of the sizing many famous brand 😉 My partner brought his longstanding experience, as well as his design and programming knowledge.

And… that’s it? Just like that? Ha, ha… that’s how I saw it. The thing was a little more complicated… As there were no schools, we had to establish a childcare schedule, so we took turns every other day to look after him. Yes, but when did we talk? We had to share our work, so we thought that lunchtime would be good for the meeting. Nothing! Impossible! The one who had worked that morning arrived starving and the one who had been with the child, was desperate to take a nap… Thus we thought it would be better at night, when the child was asleep. What? Are we crazy????? Our life seemed like that Michelle Pfeiffer film (Ladyhawke) where she was a hawk during the day and her beloved was a man and at night the roles were changing and he became a wolf and she became a woman. They never got to be together as a couple, until they undid the spell.

We are still waiting for ours to be undone, and I think we still have some way to go. But what we have achieved is to make magic, the magic of putting together the pieces of the puzzle: teleworking, social distancing, routine, projects and of course, the king of the house: our child. The key piece in this story, which inspires us and makes us relativize all the moments of our lives, keeping the essential.

There have been many hard days, many hours of work, insanity, helplessness, worry… but now that it seems we are beginning to see the light, I realize that what at first seemed to break us as a couple, gave us the strength and motivation needed to turn difficulties into something profitable and positive. I think they call it RESILIENCE. Because #weCan’tStop, #togetherStronger, #weAreMovingForward, #we’reGettingIt, but above all, because Miguel Angel and I make a winning team!